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41 Great Reasons To Rent Baby Clothes For Under Twos

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Have you ever wondered if it’s worth trying to rent baby clothes instead of buying them and whether it would work for you? It may feel like a leap into the unknown, but when you make it, you’ll find that there is so much more to it!

Your savings

  • Save money – by renting instead of buying you pay a fraction of the retail price monthly, and because you only need to rent baby clothes for a few months, you typically save 70% of the retail price.
  • Save space – you don’t need to store your unwanted baby clothes because when you no longer need your rental bundle, you simply return them, so they don’t take up valuable space in your home
Babysuits to rent
  • Less clutter – because you return your unwanted baby clothes, you don’t have excess baby clothes cluttering up your home
  • Save time. Instead of trawling the marketplaces or online stores to buy your baby clothes, you can find everything you need in one place.
  • No outgrown baby clothes to get rid off. Parents often end up with piles and piles of baby clothes that are outgrown and often don’t have the time to sort them out and decide where to send them. With renting you simply rent and return, and let us take care of the rest.
  • Premium clothes made affordable. Really nice, good quality baby clothes are not cheap, and by renting you can afford to dress your baby really well instead of going for cheap throwaway baby clothes.
  • Spread the cost. When you rent, you pay monthly, and don’t buy your baby clothes so there’s no huge cost outlay when you see baby clothes you like. In fact its easy to set a budget and stick to it!

Your choice

  • Rent a few items or a whole wardrobe. When you rent from Qookeee you can rent just a few items to top up your baby’s existing wardrobe. You may already have had a child or received hand me downs. You can even rent your entire baby’s wardrobe if you’re a first time mum, or if your baby is moving up a size.
Curate your unique baby bundle
Rent small bundles or a whole wardrobe
  • Rent what you want when you need it. There are some baby clothes that you only need for certain seasons, or events. Winter, summer, holidays, Christmas. Whatever your needs, you can rent what you want when you need it from Qookeee, without being tied into a pricing plan.
Holiday baby bundle
  • Rent the size your baby is. Parents often buy clothes that are bigger than their baby actually is so they don’t need to buy another set of baby clothes. With renting there’s no need to buy bigger sizes so clothes last longer.
  • Select ready made baby bundles. Qookeee’s small 5 item capsules of unisex, everyday baby clothes are easy for parents who just like to grab and go, and can be topped up by our standalone collection.
  • Pick and mix, any style, any size from our capsules and standalone collection.
  • Choose from a growing range of baby clothes. Baby clothing rental services, like Qookeee, increase their range of clothes every season by getting the latest styles and prints from the brands they partner with. So every season you have more to choose from!

No compromise on quality

  • Choose from brand new baby clothes. Because rental sites partner with premium brands, the clothes are new when they are first added to the website, so you can easily rent new clothes if you’re not sure about renting pre loved. It’s a good opportunity to order a few pieces of pre loved so you can see the standard of the clothes that are rented out. You’ll find that rental baby clothes new or pre loved still look great!
  • Access Vintage styles from premium brands. With a choice of new season and vintage you have the best of both at your fingertips! Just click to add to your cart and checkout to rent from Qookeee.
  • Know the condition of the clothes before you rent them. On Qookeee the clothes have the condition listed on the website. Clothes are listed as New, Excellent, Good, A Little Loved, and Playwear.
  • Choose from professionally laundered pre loved baby clothes. All baby clothes on Qookeee are professionally laundered by our sustainable laundry partner. They are 100% quality checked and repaired if needed before being added back onto the website and made available to rent


  • Try new brands. Qookeee’s brands are not cheap, but renting makes them accessible so it’s easy to try brands you may not have bought before.
  • Try sustainable fabrics. Experience the luxury of super soft bamboo and organic cotton. And see what clothes made from recycled fibres actually look and feel like.
  • Try out different styles at a fraction of the cost. Renting is a great way to try out different styles of baby clothes without buying them.
  • Create your own unique baby rental bundle – made up of whatever clothes you actually need.
  • Have fun creating your baby’s eco friendly outfit. Perhaps an outfit made from organic cotton, or bamboo and organic cotton, and finished off with a baby jacket or puddlesuit made from recycled fibres. Renting allows you to style your baby in premium clothes that are kind to the planet too!

Help the planet

  • No clothes sent to landfill – we just don’t do it! The concept of renting is to extend the useful life of clothing. When they are no longer suited for renting, they will be upcycled, recycled or donated.
  • Harmful chemicals are not used in our rented baby clothes. Materials used are Oekotex 100 certified.
By renting clothes you help reduce landfill
  • Our specially designed Qookeee bags are used to deliver and return your orders. They have a tamper proof address window and a tamper evident zip seal. They’re reusable up to 2000 times and even have a Royal stamp of approval!
  • Better for the planet – reusing clothing is one of the most sustainable things you can do. The added bonus of renting baby clothes from Qookeee is that all aspects of the circular baby closet concept tries to incorporate reuse, helping the planet further.

We make it easy to rent baby clothes

  • No stains or damage fees – this is one of the biggest fears parents have when thinking about renting baby clothes. Qookeee doesn’t charge fees for stained or damaged clothes. Of course we want you to take care of the rented baby clothes because our aim is to keep them in circulation longer.
  • No joining fees – you can rent from Qookeee at any time. There are no fees to join and view our baby clothes, or enter into a subscription.
  • No pricing plans. Some rental services have pricing plans where you pay a set amount each month and have a bundle of clothes sent to you when your baby has outgrown them. At Qookeee we don’t do pricing plans. Our baby clothes subscription starts when you rent your baby bundle and ends when you return the clothes.

Managing your baby clothes subscription

  • Flexible subscription – instead of pricing plans, you can control how much you spend on your rental bundle by choosing the baby clothes you want. If your checkout value is £10.50 that’s what your baby rental subscription will be, it can be any amount you want above the £10 minimum.
  • Cancel anytime. It’s easy to cancel your subscription. Just click on ‘Return Items’ when you log into your account, and your monthly payments will end.
  • View your order whenever you want. It’s easy to see what you’ve ordered and when your next payment will be when you log into your account.
  • Return your whole order – you can return your whole order at any time.
  • Keep some clothes and return others you no longer want – just send the clothes you no longer want back to Qookeee and we will remove them from your monthly subscription.
  • Free delivery and free return with every order
  • Receive your rental order in a reusable bag which you use to return your order free of charge. You don’t even need to fiddle about with adding a new label, just slip your address label out of the address window and our pre paid returns label will be underneath it! It couldn’t be simpler!

Feel good

  • The best clothes for a fraction of the retail price. Once you start renting you’ll feel good! The satisfaction of getting really good quality, eco friendly baby clothes without paying the retail price is such a great feeling. Here’s what our customers have said.
  • A zero waste way to dress your baby – by renting you don’t throw away anything! How great is that!