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How To Care And Launder Your TotsBots Reusable Nappies

Starting out with reusable nappies

Reusable nappies

When you first try reusable nappies the chances are you’ll start with one, and may be wondering how on earth to launder it. Obviously a full load of nappies is the best way to launder them, but when you’re just starting out, its not really viable. Reusable nappies are expensive initially, although they will save you money in the long run. But you need to be sure that they work for you before you invest. A great way to try them out is by renting. You can start with All in One nappies as these are the closest design to disposables.

The options

Qookeee offers nappy kits to rent or buy, and this is a low cost effective way to try reusable nappies. You will also need to have the right tools:

  • A lidded bucket
  • A mesh laundry bag (included in Qookeee nappy kits)
  • Non biological powder detergent
  • Fleece liners for the nappy (included in Qookeee nappy kits) Or Disposable nappy liners
  • A wet bag, for when you’re out an about to contain any used nappies safely. (included in Qookeee nappy kits)

Our guide on How to get the best from your TotsBots reusable nappy, will give you more information of the different nappy systems, but if you’re new to reusables, then we suggest you try the EasyFit Star All in One nappy first.

The concerns

Poo is the biggest concern for any parent trying out reusable nappies for the first time! But really, its no biggie!, you just need to grab yourself a roll of disposable liners, or use a washable fleece liner to catch the poo!

Step by step guide on nappy laundering

Pre washing

  • Remove nappy.
  • Flush any poo caught in the fleece or disposable liner down the toilet.
  • Put the fleece liner in the mesh laundry bag, which is lining the lidded bucket, or put the disposable liner in the bin.
  • Rinse the nappy if any poo has reached it.
  • Fold back to close the laundry tabs on the nappy.
  • Put the open nappy, with the pads, into the mesh laundry bag with the fleece liner.
reusable nappy laundry tabs

Ready to wash

  • When you’re ready, pop the mesh laundry bag containing the used nappies, pads and fleece liner in the washing machine, The nappies will come out of the laundry bag during the wash cycle.
  • Wash on a cold rinse cycle without detergent, this gets rid of any poo remnants and pee.
  • Once the rinse cycle has ended, set the main wash at 40 degrees, at a long wash setting.
  • If you are new to cloth nappies and only have one or two to wash, wet nappies can be washed with your normal washing of baby clothes at 40 degrees.
  • For soiled nappies, where poo has contaminated, the wash temperature should be at 60 degrees and you can include any heavily soiled items, such as bibs, muslins, or bedding. Always check the care label of the items before washing.

Drying nappies

  • Line dry where possible, even in winter sunlight.
  • If this isn’t possible air dry indoors.
  • Do not put on a radiator or heated drier

What to do and not to do


  • Pre wash the nappy before use. Bamboo will need approximately 10 washes to reach full absorbency. You can use after 3-4 washes knowing that the absorbency will increase with more washes.
  • Line a lidded bucket with the mesh laundry bag and store used nappies in it until they are ready for washing. It makes getting all dirty cloth nappies into the washing machine super easy.
  • Fold back the hook and loop laundry tab fastenings on the nappies before you wash them, otherwise they will damage your nappies in the wash.
  • Use non biological detergent in powder form.
  • Launder similar colours together.
  • Wash at 40 degrees if you have a wet nappy, and at 60 degrees if its soiled.
  • Use a disposable liner if using barrier creams, although It is not necessary to use barrier creams with TotsBots nappies.


  • Do not use fabric softeners or liquid detergent as this will reduce absorbency of the towelling and affects the waterproofing of the wrap or outer.
  • Don’t boil wash, or use ‘baby’ wash cycles – these temperatures are too high and will damage your reusable nappy.
  • Don’t use eco cycles or quick wash cycles. Nappies need a good amount of water to get them clean.
  • Do not use bicarbonate of soda or vinegar.
  • Do not use stain removers, as they may cause irritation and damage the waterproof fabric.
  • Don’t use pastes of washing powder directly on stains, they are too concentrated.
  • If possible, do not tumble dry, it is better for the environment if nappies are line dried or air dried.
  • Never dry on a radiator or heated towel rail or airer as this can damage the elastic and waterproof outer fabric or wrap.
  • Do not iron your nappies – they will melt!