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How To Choose The Best Baby Winter Coats

winter baby coats all in ones or jackets

Winter in the UK runs for several months where the weather is either cold, rainy or snowy, or a combination! Depending on the age of your baby, and because they grow so fast, you could easily go through one or more sizes during the winter months. In this guide we’ll tell you about what to look for when choosing the best baby winter coats.

Baby winter coats for babies up to 9 months

Popper fronted baby coat

Most winter coats for small babies have poppers along the front and are made from soft fabrics with padding. But with the unpredictable British winter, they’re not always enough to cover and protect small babies in all weathers.  

Instead of baby winter coats that partially cover the body, smaller babies are often dressed in all in one snowsuits when the weather is at its worst, switching to pramsuits layered up with a sleepsuit and bodysuit underneath, in drier weather.


These cosy all in ones are great for keeping young babies warm when you’re out and about. Fully lined and padded, with integral feet and hood and fold back mittens, they are perfect for those cold, dry, and even sunny winter days!

pramsuit baby winter coats


Snowsuits are made in a waterproof outer fabric and are fleece lined. They are hooded and have either detachable or fold over mittens and usually have detachable booties.

Hybrid Pramsuit/Snowsuit

Little Green Radicals snowsuits are like a hybrid between a pramsuit and snowsuit. They don’t have a waterproof outer fabric but they have a warm sherpa lining. Fold back mitts and leg hems in a ribbed fabric keep hands and feet warm. For toddlers on the move, they can be worn as an all-in-one and the ribbed hems help keep the cold out. Add some baby boots and you can use these versatile baby clothes for when your baby starts to toddle about and keep them warm at the same time.

Hybrid Pramsuit/Snowsuit

If you’re not sure about the different types of baby clothes, we have a really good guide here.

Baby winter coats for babies from 9 months

Winter coats and jackets with a zip front start from age 9-12 months, but mostly from 12 months. Often made from waterproof fabrics, hooded, fully lined with a soft fleece. Puddlesuits are popular for this age group. They are lined, insulated and keep little ones really well protected in all weathers. There are many features in good quality outerwear that ensure that your little adventurers are kept warm and dry.

Baby winter coats
Ecowarm baby puddlesuit

Common features of good quality winter baby coats and puddlesuits


  • Hood – for baby winter coats, jackets and puddlesuits, look for fleece lined or padded hoods.

3 piece hood – made up of three pieces of the outer fabric which creates a better fit than a two piece hood.

  • Mitts – turn back mitts or detachable mittens to keep little hands warm. Look for fleece lined or padded to get the best protection.
Turn back mitts integrated in the sleeve hem so no need to worry about losing mittens.
Detachable mittens attached with poppers to the sleeve hem.
  • Booties – detachable booties attached with poppers to the leg hem.
  • Stirrups – elastic strap under the foot to keep the legs of puddlesuits inside the boots, to prevent the leg fabric from riding up. A great feature for little ones who love to toddle about.
  • Storm cuffs – ribbed cuffs at the sleeve and leg hems that keep the cold out. Often found under the outer fabric when the hem is not elasticated.
  • Elasticated hems – a handy styling detail found on jackets, puddlesuits and snowsuit hems, that keeps the sleeve, leg and jacket hem openings close to the body and stops cold air getting in..
  • Snow skirts – less common styling but great for jackets that have don’t have an elasticated hem, like the Kite Fox & Bear Nimbus jacket. The Snow skirt has an elasticated hem which keeps out any chills whistling up the hem of the jacket.
  • Zip front – nice and easy to undo, you don’t want to be fiddling around with poppers when its cold.

Double zip front – found on some snowsuits, for young babies, the double zip makes is much easier to get your baby out of the snowsuit, very helpful for nappy changes!

Storm flap – This is a strip of fabric that covers the centre front zip and gives added protection to the zip opening. Velcro secures the storm flap in place to prevent cold from creeping in..

  • Taped seams – you don’t normally see this construction but if you’re looking for waterproof baby outerwear it’s a must to check your baby outerwear has this feature. Waterproof fabric alone is not enough to make clothing waterproof. Un-taped seams allows water in through the stitch holes. Taped seams makes sure that water doesn’t get in through the seams and keeps baby protected from the rain and snow.

Depending on your needs a combination of these features will help keep your little one warm and dry and protected from the cold, rain and snow.


Qookeee rents pramsuits, puddlesuits and snowsuits in fabrics that have lower environmental impact than conventional fabrics.

  • Pramsuits – organic cotton and bamboo & organic cotton.
  • Waterproof puddlesuits, snowsuits – fabrics made from recycled polyester.

Fabric performance

The fabrics used in baby winter coats are important to get proper protection from the weather. Reputable brands will test the fabric to make sure it performs against the claims they make on the clothing.

  • Waterproof – makes sure baby stays dry from the weather Find out more about waterproof baby clothes here. BIONIC-FINISH®ECO fluoride free waterproof coating make the fabrics water repellent.
  • Windproof – protects from the wind so it doesn’t go through the fabric and make baby cold.
  • Breathable – allows for moisture to wick away to help prevent overheating during play.


Good quality baby outerwear is expensive due to all the performance features, so it makes good sense to rent your baby clothes. A great cost saving and you get to dress your baby in high quality clothes by premium brands. Find out how renting works here. Renting takes away the dilemma of whether to spend your hard earned money on an all in one toasty puddlesuit or a warm and cosy baby jacket. With our rental prices you can have your cake and eat it!