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How To Dress Your Baby For Spring

spring baby clothes

Spring baby clothes

Spring! What better time to get outdoors with your baby. This beautiful, unpredictable, blossoming time of year is perfect for showing your little one the natural beauty that surrounds us. Those inquisitive little fingers will soon be stuffing pockets with leaves and pretty spring flowers. Stomping in muddy puddles and sitting on wet grass is all part of the fun. Well exploring the big wide world is exciting isn’t it – even if it’s just the local park! Get creative with Spring baby clothes and don’t let the rainy days stop play.

Dressing your baby for Spring

Spring can be pretty unpredictable, one minute it’s bright and sunny, and the next come those April showers. It’s not always warm even when the sun is out so dressing your baby is all about layers, and being able to layer up or down to make sure your baby or toddler is comfortable at all times. Good staples are the foundation of great outfits! Base layers, mid layers, top layers and outer layers.

Base layer

Long sleeve and short sleeve baby vests are the perfect base layer, and soft fabrics like organic cotton or bamboo & organic cotton are great for delicate baby skin. Baby leggings in neutrals, brights or prints depending on how you like to style your baby can be paired up with baby vests or worn as a base layer under dresses.

Baby leggings and long sleeve vest base layer
vest baby clothes for spring
Organic cotton short sleeve baby vest base layer

Mid layer

The simplest mid layer is a sleepsuit which you can pop over your baby vest. You can also create mid layer outfits with a long sleeve top and comfy baby trousers. Or add a pair of dungarees over a long sleeve baby vest.

Mid layer dungarees over long sleeve baby vest

Top layer

Baby cardigans, jumpers, sweat tops and hoodies make great top layers, keeping baby nice and cosy. These baby clothes also come in a variety of styles and weights and some have layers within the style. For example, some hoodies are fleece lined and the additional layer gives an extra layer of insulation. You can have fun and get creative playing around with different designs.

Outer layer

Ecolight packaway puddlesuit by Muddy Puddles

The outer layer’s really important as you need something lightweight, windproof and waterproof that will ideally be able to pack away into itself. Childrenswear brand Muddy Puddles do a fantastic range of baby lightweight jackets and Ecolight puddlesuits.

For bright sunny days, that are still on the cool side there are great hybrid baby suits like the range from Little Green Radicals which are fleece lined, and have fold over feet and hands, which are great if your baby has started to walk. For really young babies pramsuits with integral hands and feet are the way to go.

Renting your Spring baby clothes

At Qookeee there’s a great selection of baby clothes that you can rent and save yourself money on quality clothes. Premium brands such as The Bonnie Mob, Muddy Puddles and Kite Clothing are just some of the brands available to rent.