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How To Rent Baby Clothes

rent baby clothes

If you’ve never heard of renting baby clothes instead of buying them, you wouldn’t be the only one. With all the talk about sustainability it’s surprising it’s not more established in the UK – but it’s growing! As more and more people realise that buying is not the only option for parents, they’re giving renting a go, and are not disappointed. Would you rent baby clothes and try a new way of shopping?

If you’re new to renting, then you’ll have the usual doubts.

  • What if I damage the clothing
  • What if it doesn’t fit
  • Do I really want to be tied into a plan where I get a bundle of clothes each time my baby grows
  • What if I don’t like them
  • What condition will they be in
  • How easy will it be to cancel my subscription etc etc.

These are valid doubts but you’ll be pleased to know that damage insurance is usually included in the rental price, and if the clothes don’t fit you can send them back.

How to rent baby clothes without a subscription plan

Most rental companies work on a subscription plans, where you pay a fixed amount each month for a certain number of clothes. Qookeee, a circular baby closet, is the first UK company to introduce baby clothes rental without a subscription plan, where you can rent individual items and create your own unique baby bundle. There’s a minimum subscription of just £10 a month and you get free delivery and returns with every order. So if you don’t like your selection when you receive it, you can just pack it up in the reusable bag and send it right back at no extra cost. Qookeee even has the condition of the clothes against each item. As for cancelling your subscription, as soon as you return your items you’re no longer charged for them, it really is that simple.

Kite Organic happy hare dungarees, Kite Organic My first cardi biscuit, Kite Organic the good life leggings, Kattan long sleeve top. Bundle £11 a month.
Little Green Radicals organic two piece top and bottom set, Kite Organic yummy veg dungaree set with long sleeve bodysuit, The Bonnie Mob puffin bodysuit £10 a month

How to get started with renting baby clothes

You may already have baby clothes that you’ve bought or been gifted. Each time your baby grows, there will be gaps in what you have. Do  you have enough sleepsuits, bodysuits – and of course you need to make sure your little one is suitably dressed for the seasons – dresses for summer, outerwear, puddlesuits, pramsuits for winter, mid weight clothing and layers from autumn through to spring.

Once you’ve identified the gaps in your baby’s wardrobe you can start to dabble in baby clothing rental. Qookeee is set up like an online store. You simply select the items you like and add them to your cart. On checkout you rent the items instead of buying them.

How would you normally get the things you need

The obvious answer is buying them. But do you

  • Buy new
  • Buy second hand on marketplaces, charity shops
  • Buy new but cheap baby clothes

And what do you do with all those clothes when your baby outgrows them?

The great thing about renting baby clothes is that you don’t need to worry about getting rid of them. All clothes are good quality, from premium brands – they have to be in order to keep them in circulation. Best of all are the clothes themselves are sourced from sustainable brands who care about the environment. Fabrics used are certified organic cotton, closed loop bamboo and fabric made from recycled fibres.

Give it a try. You may be surprised how easy it is to rent baby clothes.