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How To Shop Sustainably For Christmas Baby Clothes

christmas baby clothes

One of the most fun things about Christmas is dressing your little one in adorable Christmas outfits. Eco-friendly shopping is a wonderful way to celebrate. You can reduce your impact on the planet, helping to keep it happy and healthy for your little ones!


  1. Choose Organic Fabrics – Such as baby clothes made from organic cotton. The fabric is grown without harmful pesticides and better for the environment
  2. Select fabrics made from natural fibres such as bamboo.

What you buy matters

  1. Invest in the best  – well made, durable baby clothes are more sustainable, because they can withstand multiple wears and washes. They also ensure that your baby stays comfortable.
  2. Support Ethical Brands – research and choose brands that have good ethics. Lots of brands state they’re using organic cotton. But its important to look for brands that have Fairtrade or GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certification. This indicates ethical working practices and environmentally friendly production.

Where to shop sustainably

  1. There is nothing more sustainable than reusing clothing that has already been made. And a great way to do that is to rent your baby’s clothes from stores like Qookeee. This online clothing store partners with ethical brands and offers high quality premium brands to rent at a much lower price, so you don’t need to buy them. Not only does this reduce textile waste, it saves you money, all the while dressing your baby in the best baby clothes.
  2. Get thrifting – consider shopping for pre-loved Christmas baby clothes. Thrift stores and local swap events can be excellent sources for gently worn clothing.

Be versatile

  1. Personalise your baby’s clothes – a great option is to carry out a bit of DIY on your baby’s own clothes to make them Christmassy!
  2. Choose wisely – when you choose Christmas baby clothes, think about what else you can wear them with. Versatility is key! A cosy Christmas cardi worn over of different baby clothes easily creates a festive outfit. Or a pair of festive baby leggings like these bamboo Christmas cuties, that go well with so many baby tops.

Packaging is important

  1. Eco Friendly packaging – however you choose to get your Christmas baby clothes, look for brands that have minimal, recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Investment in reusable packaging by companies like Qookeee ensures that there is little packaging waste. Qookeee bags can be used up to 2000 times!