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Love Shopping? How To Shop For Your Baby’s Rented Wardrobe


Rental of clothes? If lockdown has taught us nothing else it is to value the space we live in. Not just the bolt hole we call home but the outdoor space surrounding us.

Many listened for the first time to the birds. Breathing in the fresher air resulting from the drop in pollution levels. How beautiful our planet could be if we showed it more respect. Living in harmony with all it has to offer instead of destroying it.

We’ve heard so much about the fashion industry being a major polluter and the damage caused by fast fashion churning out cheap, new clothes that have little longevity, bought by so many in the quest to stay ‘on trend’.

Now sustainability is on trend – but its not just a trend, it’s here to stay. But hey we all love shopping – right? Here at Qookeee, we set up our online shop last year, but it’s a shop with a difference, because it doesn’t sell anything! Nope, because we are all about rental of clothes. You can still ‘shop‘ our fabulous planet friendly clothes for your baby for ages up to 24 months.

Making changes

Why wouldn’t you? After all you don’t need baby clothes for very long, and instead of buying them cheaply, why not get the very best GOTS certified organic baby clothes, super soft bamboo & organic cotton and other environmentally conscious fabrics to dress your baby in.

We all know about the huge mountain of clothing waste filling up our landfill sites or incinerated, and baby clothes epitomise fast fashion due to the constant need for new clothes. The statistic of 183 million unused clothes stashed in UK wardrobes has been banded around, and also that a third of parents have binned their babies unused clothes because they didn’t know what to do with them.

Well of course there are options, such as selling off clothes on eBay or Facebook marketplace, or taking your unwanted clothes to a charity shop, although some are unable to cope with the influx, that they are no longer taking any. All of it takes time, prepping the clothes to sell, photographing them and listing them. With parents buying hundreds of clothes that’s a lot of photos and lists to make.

So why not look at rental of clothes and reap the rewards? There is so much to gain, and if you love shopping you can do just that on Qookeee! Just like any other online shop, where you buy things, you can browse the collection and add what you want to your cart. There’s a £20 minimum subscription and for that you get to choose exactly what you want. With products ranging from organic sleepsuits to outerwear made from recycled fibres, there’s lots to choose from.

Rental of clothes -what’s in it for you?

Well apart from the great cost saving – you save up to 70% by renting! The original retail price is listed on Qookeee so you can see instantly how much you’re saving, here’s a few more great benefits:

  • Rental of clothes makes good quality clothing accessible to more people.
  • You get to try new brands, and different fabrics such as bamboo and organic cotton, that you would not have usually bought.
  • Save space, reduce clutter – you don’t need to stash away all those outgrown clothes, you return them when you no longer need them.
Rental of clothes - Daily Mail quote
Quote referencing the Muddy Puddles recycled puddleflex lined jacket, available to rent on Qookeee
  • You can rent the size your baby is – no need to size up so your baby grows into the clothes. Get the right size in the first place and return when they outgrow them.
  • Do less laundry! Yes believe it or not, this is another benefit of renting baby clothes.
  • Guilt free shopping – no more racking up the costs. You shop and rent clothes without worrying about your card bill running up.
  • No worries about trying to get rid of the clothes you’ve shopped for when your baby outgrows them.
  • Be proud that the clothes you rent for your baby will not end up in landfill when you’ve finished with them.
  • Receive clothes that have passed quality checks. Maintained and professionally laundered between rentals, and delivered, fresh, clean and ready to wear.
  • Your baby will grow up knowing about sustainability, by renting from Qookeee they’re embracing it!

What kind of shopper could you be

In fact you can now rent your entire baby’s wardrobe and never buy baby clothes. But not everyone is ready to do this and there are different types of shoppers when it comes to renting.

rental of clothes types of shoppers

Savvy shoppers – know they can get their basics cheap from the supermarkets but are savvy enough to know that they can rent high quality everyday wear at the fraction of the retail price. ⁠

Seasonal shoppers – rent those expensive seasonal clothes like baby coats and jackets.⁠

Cool shoppers – just love to shop to rent for high quality clothes. Styling up or down whenever they need to.⁠

All in eco shoppers – like to rent as much as they can to help the planet and reduce waste.

Whichever one you are, by renting you are actively doing something to help the planet. Renting an item of clothing, instead of buying a new one, avoids the manufacturing of that new garment. This reduces the impact on the environment. By renting just 1 kg of clothing you reduce carbon emissions by 22 kg. Save the planets vital water resources by choosing organic cotton, over normal cotton. 91% less water is used in organic farming.

Try it and see for yourself. You can have all the fun of shopping, knowing you are doing something good for the planet.