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Are Rented Baby Clothes Better For Your Purse?

renting baby clothes for under twos

There’s no getting away from the expense of having a baby. They go through seven sizes of clothing before they’re two. If that isn’t the ultimate in fast fashion consumption I don’t know what is! Of course they can’t help growing out of their clothes so fast. But what does that really look like? Piles and piles of outgrown clothes. Which means you’ll need to find somewhere to put all that stuff when they no longer need it. With sustainability being such a hot topic, renting could be the answer to save money on baby clothes.

With over 183 million items of outgrown baby clothes stashed in UK homes, don’t be surprised if you end up doing the same. As busy parents it’s hard to get time to yourself. Let’s face it, dealing with a pile of unwanted baby clothes will be pretty low on your priority list.

The benefits of rented baby clothes

By renting you can dress your baby in beautiful, premium, sustainable baby clothes without spending a fortune. In fact your baby can be dressed to impress at a fraction of the retail price. Not only is renting baby clothes great for your purse and the planet, it’s one of the most sustainable things you can do. It’s zero waste and has so many benefits for you.

  • No outgrown baby clothes – you just send them back!
  • No storage issues – you just need to find space for the clothes your baby needs right now!
  • No getting rid of a stash of barely worn clothes. With renting there is no stash!

Where to find baby clothes to rent

Qookeee is an circular baby closet of high quality sustainable brands where you can rent baby clothing starting from as little as £1 a month. Their huge range of baby clothes includes anything from summer clothes to baby sleepwear and sleeping bags, and are a go to destination for baby outerwear to rent!

Renting can make premium brands accessible and save money on baby clothes
Renting baby clothes can make premium brands accessible

This striped pramsuit by luxury brand Mori is made from soft bamboo and organic cotton. It retails at £54. You can rent it from Qookeee for just £5.50 a month. Your baby will outgrow it within months, when you’ll be able to return it for free and save around 70% of the retail price. It’s easy to see why renting baby clothes is becoming so popular.

How renting is helping parents save money on baby clothes

Qookeee’s flexible subscription is unique to you. You choose whatever you want and add to your cart with a minimum value of £20. When you check out you simply rent the contents of your cart instead of buying it. Included are free delivery and returns helping to save money on baby clothes. 

Holiday clothes

Rented baby clothes for holidays

This clever mum ordered her baby’s holiday clothes for her Easter holiday. If she bought them she would have spent £168, but by renting she saved £148! Only needed for one month it made really good sense to hire them.

In fact the customer loved the Qookeee service so much she came back and ordered her baby’s summer holiday clothes of dresses and tops. Immediately saving herself £168!

Summer dresses and baby tops

Spring clothing staples

Spring blues

Spring’s always a bit of a mix of clothing. But you can’t beat a quality waterproof raincoat and a pair of cord dungarees as good staples to build your baby’s wardrobe on. Rented for just three months before needing a change of size this savvy customer was able to dress her baby in these smart baby clothes for just £63 instead of spending £183.

Daywear, sleepwear, playwear

This little bundle would have retailed at £159. Instead the sleeping bag was rented for up to six months, as part of Qookeee’s rent longer for less items, for just £8.50, and the rest of the baby clothes for just £14 a month!

Daywear, sleepwear, playwear

It’s easy to see that for babies under two baby clothes rental is definitely better for your purse or wallet. It’s great for the planet too because it reduces clothing waste! You could save a whole lot more if you rented your baby’s entire wardrobe.

There’s no need to worry about the condition of the clothes, everything is quality checked and Qookeee have partnered with sustainable laundry service Oxwash who professionally clean their clothes between rentals.