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What Are The Best Baby Clothing Brands?

Undoubtedly the best baby clothing brands are the ones that care about the planet. They consider how their clothing is made, who makes their clothes, and their impact on the planet. The UK has a net zero target by 2050. Clothes designed to last are now just common sense. But we must also become more efficient in how we use them.

Why fabrics for baby clothes matter

How brands source the fabrics they use for their clothes are really important. The beautiful unisex clothes from brands like Kite and the vibrant colourful baby clothes from Toby Tiger are GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard – certified. These brands have a fully certified supply chain with traceability of their organic cotton from farm to the final garment. GOTS is the highest accreditation for organic cotton. Look for the GOTS logo in the care label. This indicates that the brand is compliant with their strict requirements.


Kite has a lovely range of clothes that are easy to wear and can be mixed and matched with your baby’s existing wardrobe. For example their cute bodysuits in soft cream organic cotton with placement prints are subtle and great addition to a pair of bottoms or under dungarees or pinafores.

best baby brand Kite unisex clothes

Toby Tiger

Toby Tiger throws out the old assumption that organic has to be in ecru or shades of brown. Their bright and colourful baby clothes are made in GOTS certified organic cotton, and free from harmful dyestuff. Toby Tiger shows that environmentally friendly clothing can still be fun.


But it doesn’t have to be organic cotton. Other fibres are available such as bamboo. Mori combines bamboo and organic cotton to produce super soft baby clothes. Bamboo production isn’t without its issues, but Mori source theirs from a closed loop system. Non toxic chemicals are contained and used again without affecting the eco system. The organic cotton is also certified by the OCS – Organic Content Standard. This standard confirms the amount of organic cotton in their clothing.

Muddy Puddles

Its harder to use natural fibres for performance fabrics, but the best baby clothing brands like Muddy Puddles have transformed their technical baby and toddler outerwear. By using fabric made from recycled plastic bottle waste they have created a range of long lasting clothes without having to use virgin material.

The Bonnie Mob

Its not all about the fabric its also the dyestuff that is used to create the amazing colours we have in our clothes. The Bonnie Mob uses a ground breaking sustainable printing technique called Zero D to create Zero D denim. It looks like denim but is actually a print on top of the fabric using eco-friendly printing inks, and includes all the won/vintage effects that denim is known for. This printing technique uses over 90% less water than mass market denim dyeing. It’s also a clean process with zero pollution – the pigment dye stuffs are harmless and the printing method super efficient. The print is applied to certified organic cotton, and is on one side of the fabric only. The printing technique has the Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex confirming its environmentally friendly credentials.


Reusable nappies are a great alternative to disposable nappies and TotsBots make reusable nappies with a difference. They have a soft absorbent bamboo core and their waterproof outer nappy wrap is made from recycled polyester diverting plastic waste from landfill or the plastics recycling loop to create reusable nappies that can be used time and again! You can buy or rent their reusable nappies at Qookeee.

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