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What Are The Best Newborn Clothing Styles

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Whether you’re a first time mum or preparing for another baby, their arrival is one of the most exciting and daunting tasks. It’s easy to get carried away shopping for those teeny, tiny, newborn baby clothes. But how many do you really need and what styles should you get? We’re here to help by guiding you through the essentials, so you come out the other side with perfectly practical and adorable baby clothes.

Fast growing

Newborns grow so quickly during the first few months, so you should plan their wardrobe to accommodate these growth stages. They’ll outgrow some sizes quicker than others. Sometimes you’ll find that when you buy baby clothes they’re outgrown in a week or two!  You can end up with large piles of unwanted baby clothes. To reduce the amount of baby clothes that are sent to landfill, parents can rent baby clothes from rental websites like Qookeee.  

The clothing sizes that babies progress through quickly are: Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months. There are so many great reasons to rent baby clothes and you can find out more about these here.


Babies have sensitive and delicate skin and the one of the kindest baby clothes are made from organic cotton. Look for baby clothes that are GOTS certified organic cotton as they’re made from fabric that is not only kind to your baby but also the planet. And if you rent your baby clothes you help the planet even more by keeping good quality clothing in circulation for longer.

Newborn essentials

It’s easy to get carried away with the cute baby outfits, but make sure you have the following newborn baby clothes ready for when your little one arrives:

  • 7-10 bodysuits or rompers. These versatile baby clothes are comfortable and easy for every day wear.
  • 5-7 sleepsuits to ensure your baby is well wrapped up and cosy at sleep time. Sleepsuits with enclosed toes and scratch mitts are great for bedtime.
  • 5-7 sleepsuits for daywear, that are easy to put on and take off. Footless sleepsuits can be worn with socks.
  • 6-8 pairs of socks or booties to keep those tiny baby feet warm.
  • 2-3 hats protect their head from temperature changes.
  • 2-4 swaddles or blankets for comfort and security.
  • 1-2 baby cardigans or jackets
  • 3-4 pairs of mittens to prevent your baby from scratching themselves accidentally.

Baby clothes for special events

While you don’t need to get too many more dressy baby clothes it’s a good idea to have a few for a special occasion or event.

  • 1-2 bodydresses for newborn and early year babies. These are like bodysuits with an integrated skirt, so you baby will still be secure in their nappy and look super cute at the same time.
  • 1-2 smarter or cuter rompers and sleepsuits are a comfortable option.
  • Dress to impress in cute baby gift sets, like this blue rainbow gift set with matching sleepsuit, baby vest and hat, and comes in little gift bag.
  • Photo shoot outfit: If you’re lucky enough to have professional photos done with your baby, then you’ll want to get a unique outfit to capture this special photo session. Or you may like to choose your favourite outfit for him or her that holds special memories.
Rainbow baby set

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Seasonal newborn baby clothes

In the UK we have four seasons to contend with. With climate change creating more extremes in temperature we need to be ready to be able to cope with whatever the weather will bring.

Spring in the UK can be a mix of sunshine and showers with some days crisp and cold, so keep layers handy. You’ll need a range of baby clothes in different weights and textures for indoors and out.

Summer: For hot weather, choose lightweight, breathable fabrics like organic cotton. Romper shorties, bubble rompers and short sleeve bodysuits are great options.

Autumn days can be warm and the evenings cool, so a selection of different layers are good to have. Baby jackets and cardigans, and waterproof jackets and puddlesuits ready for when your baby starts to walk. For young babies pramsuits are a good way to keep them warm and safe.

Winter: Use layers to keep baby warm, include baby jackets and knitwear. Pramsuits and snowsuits are perfect when you need to get out and about.


Newborns can go through a few outfit changes in a day, and the less laundry you do the more outfits you need!