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Where To Rent The Best Baby Dresses For Summer

Summer style baby dresses

baby dresses for summer

Summer is so short-lived and good quality baby dresses are expensive. What’s more with babies growing so quickly it’s not like you can save them for your baby girl to wear again the following year. You can’t even size up and wait for your baby to grow into them. Because right now, this summer, you need those cute baby dresses to fit.

Baby dresses to rent give you the best of both worlds, effortless style all the way through until summer ends.

Subscription bundles

There are a few subscription box baby clothing rentals around, where you sign up to a pricing plan and get a bundle of clothes every few months. It can be a bit of a surprise because more often than not you don’t know what’s in the bundle. You must have trust in the company that they know the styles you like, and they have the dresses you like.

But why take the gamble. Wouldn’t you rather know exactly what you’re ordering?

Best baby dresses

Qookeee has the best baby dresses for summer to rent in premium fabrics. Each one is made of GOTS certified organic cotton, or really, really soft bamboo and organic cotton. So you can be confident that they are planet friendly and gorgeous too! There are lots of different styles to choose – from twirly, skater dresses to sweet dresses with soft gathers. You can even go for bold and bright, soft muted colours, or mix it up a little and get some of each.

At the end of summer, you won’t have a pile of dresses you can’t use again. Why? Because you would have packed them off and returned them to Qookeee. Great for making room for those heavier winter clothes – oh and you can rent those from Qookeee too!