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Where to store baby clothes for easy access

store baby clothes on coloured hangers

It’s a lot to juggle when you’re a parent! Everything is constantly changing and nothing quite prepares you for the amount of stuff you need when you have a baby! With a constant round of buying baby clothes, toys, nappies, blankets, cots, car seats – it’s exhausting isn’t it? Knowing how to store your baby clothes so you can get your hands on the clothes you want when you need them would make life just that little bit easier.

Getting organised

Where you store your baby clothes can help with the daily round of changing clothes after totters and tumbles, spills and poos which can end up with soiled clothing.

But where do you start? Think about how you buy clothes. By size, by style, by colour? If you work along these lines then it’ll help getting your hands on what you want easier.

Space to store baby clothes

How you arrange your baby’s wardrobe will depend on the amount of space you have. Not everyone can buy a specialist baby wardrobe. But small table top rails can work really well in an adult wardrobe. Positioned under the hanging rail it can increase and separate the available hanging space. So you end up with two hanging rails for your baby clothes. Some table top rails even have a little shelf at the bottom.

Baby clothes hanging on a clothes rail
Create extra storage with a table top hanging rail with lower shelf
Over door hanging pockets and hanging shelving to store baby clothes
Over door hanging pockets and hanging shelves

There are also hanging shelves you can buy that give additional space for folded baby clothes.

Another great way of utilising space is using over door hanging units. These space saving units have pockets that are great for little clothes. Socks, bibs, hats, gloves, even nappies fit perfectly.

Hanging vs drawers

Once you have an idea of the space you have, or can create, it’s time to decide what clothes you want to hang and what to fold. It may be easier for you to hang clothes like dresses, and outerwear such as coats, jackets, puddlesuits. Or clothes that look creased after being folded. A good idea is to pair up clothing. Such as tops and bottoms you like to create an outfit from and store them hanging together. All clothes in babywear capsules could be hung together. Or clothes that are your building blocks that you rely on to create outfits with other clothes. Most baby clothes can be rolled, so if you don’t have too much hanging space, it’s not a problem.

Drawers are good for most baby clothes. Split by clothing type. For example, sleepsuits and bodysuits in one drawer, tops and bottoms in another etc. Perhaps seasonal clothes like winter cardigans and jumpers in another. You could even vacuum pack seasonal clothes so they take up less space.

Dividers and labels to store baby clothes

Whichever way you split your baby clothes, it’s a good idea to use hanging rail dividers and drawer dividers and labels to easily find what you need. You’ll probably need to divide each garment category by size. You’ll soon learn which styles you can throw together. For example size 9-12m could go in the same section as size 6-12m.

store baby clothes on coloured hangers
Coloured hangers can double up as hanging rail dividers

Hanging rail dividers are easy to make. You could simply use a different coloured hanger to note where there’s a change. Even a piece of card with a slot in it would do. It may not even be necessary if it’s easy to see the different clothing types or sizes at a glance.

Reusable nappies

If you’re a parent that uses reusable nappies, a nappy store would be handy to have so you have a designated area for all things nappy! Reusable nappies can have different sections that come together to create a waterproof wrap around your baby to reduce leaks and keep baby dry.

Clothes you don’t need

Try and find some space for all the clothes you no longer need, and there will be a lot of them! Did you know 183 million unwanted baby clothes are stashed in UK homes?

At least two storage or linen bins would be a good start, one for those outgrown clothes and others for gifted clothes that are brand new that your baby never wore because they had outgrown the size or you simply didn’t like – you can always regift them!

Clutter free home

If you dream of a clutter free home there’s a much easier way of reducing the amount of unwanted baby clothes you end up with. Have you thought of hiring them?

Renting baby clothes is a modern, sustainable, zero waste way of getting the baby clothes you want when you need them. With Qookeee you can choose whatever style or size to create your baby clothes subscription and return all or some of them at anytime. Just pack them up in your Qookeee bag and send them back! You don’t even need to worry about stains or damage, so renting with Qookeee is a completely hassle free way to hire your baby clothes.

Qookeee storage bag for baby clothing rental products
Pack your baby clothes away in your Qookeee bag to return them

Even if you don’t rent all your baby clothes, just renting a proportion of your baby’s wardrobe helps reduce baby clothing waste.