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Why It’s Important To Build Your Nappy Stash

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Progress over perfection

Reusable nappies are a good alternative to using disposable nappies for your nappy stash, but it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Qookeee baby clothing rental offers All in One nappy kits to rent. This makes it so easy to give reusables a try! You can continue to rent them or return and invest in your own.

Make it work for you

If you’re a new mum, the thought of using reusable nappies for your first baby can be quite daunting. It’s completely understandable why so many mums opt for disposables to start with. There are just so many things to adjust to when a new baby comes along, even if it’s not your first. Sustainability can often only be considered after all those new adjustments have settled down.

Once you have got used to all the changes you may start thinking about how you can reduce the disposable nappy waste. Don’t let the upfront cost of reusable nappies put you off building a reusable nappy stash. Yes, they are more expensive than disposables but you need far less. Over time it can be up to £500 cheaper than using disposables by the time your baby is potty trained.

Getting started with a reusable nappy

Building your very own nappy stash can happen as fast or slowly as you like.

  • Start with buying a kit. Qookeee has All in One nappy kits, Day nappy kits and Day to Night nappy kits to buy. If you’re confused about the different systems, check out our nappy kit guide.
  • All in One nappies are the closest to disposables. But instead of binning them, you wash and use them again and again. They are great to start with if you’re new to reusables.
  • If you have a small baby, the Teenyfit is the perfect All in One to start with.
  • Once you have got used to the All in Ones, you could progress to the TotsBots Bamboozle day to night system. This system cover all bases, because you use some parts for the day and other parts for night time.  When you’re comfortable with it, you can start to have some fun with the wraps, building up your own nappy stash over time.
forest floor day nappy kit

Build your nappy stash at your own pace

build your nappy stash
  • Qookeee nappy kits gives you everything you need, apart from the lidded bucket, which you can easily pick up from a kitchenware store or the larger supermarkets.
  • Build your stash at your own pace by adding sets. A set comes complete with a Bamboozle wrap, stretch nappy and pads, or an All in One nappy and fleece liner. Use the kit’s mesh laundry bag for used nappies at home and the wet bag for when you’re out and about.
  • The Bamboozle wrap can be used 3-5 times before it needs to be washed. So depending on your little one you’ll probably need around six Bamboozle wraps and Bamboozle stretch nappies. You’ll also need fifteen pads and fleece liners.
  • If you prefer to stick to the All in Ones, then you’ll need to build up to fifteen nappies and fleece liners.
  • Build up to 25-30 nappies if you don’t want to wash nappies daily.