1. Is renting babywear really cheaper than buying?

Absolutely! Babies typically only wear one size of clothes for 3-6 months before they outgrow them, so renting makes complete sense and saves you money. In fact, you can save 70% over three months. When you no longer need the clothing just return to us and save money, waste and wardrobe space taken over with clothes you can no longer use. The example below has 15 items of babywear, and shows what a great saving renting is.

Retail price vs Rental price

DescriptionRecommended Retail PriceMonthly Rental Price
5 item Bamboo & Organic cotton capsule£131£12.50
Muddy Puddles, EcoSplash All-in-One puddlesuit£50£5.50
Kite Organic My First cardi£25£3
Mori Bamboo & organic cardi blue stripe£24£2.50
Organic Rainbow Pyjamas£19.99£2
Organic Octopus romper£19.99£2
Organic Multi stripe 2 pack bodysuit£19.99£2
Organic Confetti Print Sleepsuit£19.99£2
Organic Woodland Print Sleepsuit£19.99£2
Organic Mouse and Mushroom Applique Sleepsuit£19.99£2
Organic Turtle Applique Sleepsuit£19.99£2
Total cost of a 5 item capsule and 10 conscious wear items of clothingTo buy: £369.93To rent monthly: £37.50
80% savingRented for 2 months = £75
70% savingRented for 3 months = £112.50