1. Is renting babywear really cheaper than buying?

Absolutely! Babies typically only wear one size of clothes for 2-3 months before they outgrow them, so renting makes complete sense and saves you money. In fact, you can save 70% over three months. When you no longer need the clothing just return to us and save money, waste and wardrobe space taken over with clothes you can no longer use!

Take a look at the example below. Remember you can choose whatever you like! The monthly rental price of the items in your cart make up your subscription.

DescriptionRecommended Retail PriceMonthly Rental Price
MORI 5 item Forest Bear Bamboo & Organic cotton capsule£131£12.50
KITE Organic My First cardi£25£3
MORI Bamboo & organic cardi blue stripe£24£2.50
TOBY TIGER Organic Farm print sleepsuit£19.99£2
TOBY TIGER Organic Octopus romper£19.99£2
KITE Organic Pup and duck sleepsuit£19£2
TOTAL 10 ITEMS OF PREMIUM BABY CLOTHES including joggers, leggings, tops, sleepsuits, rompers, cardigans, £239£24
1 month of renting90% saving
2 months of renting80% saving
3 months of renting70% saving