How Does a Baby Clothes Rental Service Work?


Renting babywear online

Our size range covers from 0-3 months up to 18-24 months.

Choose Capsules and/or standalone items from our Conscious wear collection.


Your monthly Subscription is made up of the total monthly rental cost of the items you have selected.

All types of babywear

When you no longer need the items just log into your Account.


Babywear rental delivery and return

Return Items you no longer need.

Rent babywear to Choose more.

You have complete control of your subscription. Read here

By renting you can save 70% over three months . Take a look at the example in our FAQs below which shows what a great saving renting is. Save money. Save space. Save on piles of unwanted baby clothes.

You also do good for the planet. Try our handy calculator to find out how you can reduce your environmental footprint, by reducing your clothing waste, and the carbon and water emissions of the clothes you are renting.

Daily Mail recommendation saying quality clothes for stylish kids

Our minimum subscription is super low at just £20 per month and for that you can choose any style or size, with free delivery and one free return per order. We have small CAPSULES of everyday items which can be topped up by our standalone CONSCIOUS WEAR COLLECTION.

For those expensive seasonal items like outerwear and for sleeping bags we have a RENT LONGER FOR LESS section, where we have special rates to help you save even more! In fact by renting longer you meet our minimum subscription amount with less items! So if you want a jacket for 6 months you could rent just one!

FAQs on How Babywear Rental Works

1. Is renting babywear really cheaper than buying?

Absolutely! Babies typically only wear one size of clothes for 3-6 months before they outgrow them, so renting makes complete sense and saves you money. In fact, you can save 70% over three months. When you no longer need the clothing just return to us and save money, waste and wardrobe space taken over with clothes you can no longer use. The example below has 15 items of babywear, and shows what a great saving renting is.

Retail price vs Rental price

DescriptionRecommended Retail PriceMonthly Rental Price
5 item Bamboo & Organic cotton capsule£131£12.50
Muddy Puddles, EcoSplash All-in-One puddlesuit£50£5.50
Kite Organic My First cardi£25£3
Mori Bamboo & organic cardi blue stripe£24£2.50
Organic Rainbow Pyjamas£19.99£2
Organic Octopus romper£19.99£2
Organic Multi stripe 2 pack bodysuit£19.99£2
Organic Confetti Print Sleepsuit£19.99£2
Organic Woodland Print Sleepsuit£19.99£2
Organic Mouse and Mushroom Applique Sleepsuit£19.99£2
Organic Turtle Applique Sleepsuit£19.99£2
Total cost of a 5 item capsule and 10 conscious wear items of clothingTo buy: £369.93To rent monthly: £37.50
80% savingRented for 2 months = £75
70% savingRented for 3 months = £112.50

2. What is a Babywear Capsule?

A capsule is a collection of 5 essential babywear items made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, or from super soft bamboo and cotton, available in sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-12 and 12-18 months. Prices start from £7 per month to rent, and you can top up your subscription with items from our Conscious wear collection.

3. What is Conscious Wear Baby Clothing?

Conscious wear are the items on our website, all of which have sustainable attributes, such as made from 100% GOTS Organic cotton, or made from recycled fibres. The Conscious wear collection are the items that can be rented individually, and are not part of the Capsule.

4. Where do you get your baby clothes from?

Our entire stock is bought new, from carefully selected brands, and made available for you to rent at a fraction of the retail price. We maintain the quality, professionally launder and refresh the clothing after each rental. We are passionate about making good quality, planet friendly clothing available to all.

5. How does the babywear subscription work?

We’ve kept the process simple.

Your subscription is completely under your control.

You will never be tied in.

As soon as your items are returned, your subscription ends.

If you order more items, you start a new subscription.

Here’s how it works: Each item has a monthly rental cost. The Monthly subscription payment is the total amount of the monthly rent of the individual items selected. See example below.

Subscription costs

DescriptionMonthly Rental Price
5 item Bamboo & Organic cotton capsule£12.50
Muddy Puddles, EcoSplash All-in-One puddlesuit£5.50
Kite Organic My First cardi£3
Mori Bamboo & organic cardi blue stripe£2.50
Organic Rainbow Pyjamas£2
Organic Octopus romper£2
Organic Multi stripe 2 pack bodysuit£2
Organic Confetti Print Sleepsuit£2
Organic Woodland Print Sleepsuit£2
Organic Mouse and Mushroom Applique Sleepsuit£2
Organic Turtle Applique Sleepsuit£2
Total monthly rental cost£37.50
Monthly subscription cost£37.50

To order items

  1. Go to Rent babywear and browse the collection, Add to Cart and Checkout as you would a normal shop. The minimum monthly rental subscription is £20.
  2. When you Checkout a Subscription is set up for your selection, made up of the total monthly rental cost of each item.
  3. Delivery charges: Free delivery and one free return per order. You are welcome to return any item from your subscription when you need to, but you will have to pay for the postage. If you return all your items from your subscription, the return is free using the original packaging and pre paid return address bag.
  4. Your subscription will start when you place your order. The renewal payment will be on the same date as the checkout date on the following month.

When you no longer need your items

  • Log into your Account. Go to My Subscriptions. Find the subscription you want to return. Click Return Items.
  • Return the items within 5 days in the original Qookeee box and pre paid return address bag.
  • As long as you click Return Items at least 7 days before your subscription renews, you will no longer be charged, otherwise your subscription will automatically renew for another month.

To order more items.

  • Repeat steps 1-4.

6. What if I want to get more babywear items after I have ordered?

You can rent more babywear items at any time. Just log into your Account, Rent Babywear, browse and select more items, Add to Cart and Checkout. The minimum monthly subscription of £20 will apply each time you place an order.

7. Is there a minimum babywear subscription period?

No. You have complete control of your subscription, and you can end your subscription at any time by returning all items to us.

8. Where do you deliver baby clothing to?

We only deliver to the UK. This helps the planet by keeping our carbon footprint down.

9. How is my babywear rental order delivered?

Your order will be packed in our specially designed Qookeee box, hand wrapped and delivered direct to your door. All deliveries are signed for on receipt. If you are not in, the carrier will leave a calling card notifying you how to receive or collect your delivery.

10. What happens if I damage a babywear item?

There are no damage fees, all we ask is that you use and care for the item as if it was your own, and do your best to keep it in a good condition, so we can keep it in circulation longer.

We will always want the item returned, so we can assess the damage, and it would really help us, if you could include a note when you return the item highlighting where the damage is on the clothing.

11. What happens if I lose a babywear item?

Don’t worry! These things happen. If you lose an item, just let us know by contacting us on

We do everything possible to help you trace your rental clothing from Qookeee by stamping each item with a ‘Q‘, usually on the care label.

If you do lose an item, we will charge you a replacement fee which will be no more than half the recommended retail price (RRP) of the item. All items in our Conscious wear collection has the RRP stated in the product information, and the most you will be charged is what you would have paid in a half price sale!

12. How do I return rented baby clothing?

If you no longer need your items, just log into your account and go to My Subscriptions.

  • Select the subscription you want to return and click on Return Items.
  • Return the items within 5 days in the original Qookeee box using the pre paid address label bag.
  • Seal and drop it off at your nearest Post Office. Its that simple!
  • You will no longer be charged for the items you are returning.

13. What about cleaning rented babywear?

We recommend washing at 30 degrees with similar colours and line drying if you can. Most of all we want you to enjoy the clothes, so just use as you would if they were your own, and when you have finished with them, just return them to us.

14. What if I have a special memory of my baby attached to an item of rented babywear and I wanted it as a keepsake, am I able to buy it?

We know that sometimes you can get attached to certain items and that’s not a problem, just email us at with your order details and item and let us know. We will always try and accommodate your request at a fair price.

15. Babies are not always the same size in different items of baby clothing, can I choose different sizes in one order?

Absolutely, we aim to give you choice and flexibility. When you select your items of clothing, you can choose any size, so if you need different sizes for different clothes that’s perfectly fine.

16. What if my baby outgrows some items of baby clothing before others, do I have to keep all the items in my order?

If you no longer need all of the items in your subscription, it is possible to return a part order.

Just log into your Account, and remove the items you no longer need, by clicking on the X next to the item. As your order includes free delivery and one free return, you will need to pay the postage costs to return these items as a ‘signed for’ delivery, so we can be sure the item has been returned to us. The items returned will no longer be charged on the following month’s subscription renewal.

Please use the Qookeee box and bag to return the remaining items in your order when you no longer need them.

17. What happens to the baby clothes when you get them back?

Each item is 100% quality checked, laundered, dried and rechecked before sending out to the next customer. Our priority is that the items offered to you are in great condition, clean, hygienic and fit for purpose. Our clothes will be cleaner than ones you pick up off a rail in a shop. Items are kept sanitised ready for despatch.

Our concept is that we extend the life of the garment to reduce environmental impact and encourage reuse. So any items that don’t quite make the mark are offered under our Love me more section, where you can help keep the reuse cycle going and rent the item at a reduced price.

18. What happens to the baby clothes that cannot be rented out anymore?

Our goal is to close the loop by finding ways of using the clothes so they don’t end up in landfill. We will firstly try and be creative by upcycling, and who knows we may even be able to rent them again, under a Love me again section! If it isn’t possible to upcycle the clothing, we aim to send our 100% GOTS certified organic cotton clothes to a mill that can reuse the cotton fibre to remanufacture it into fabric. Another option is donating the clothing that we cannot upcycle or recycle.

If there are any other questions, please email us at We would love to have you as part of the Qookeee® family and hope you will join us in becoming a conscious shopper.