How we clean our rental baby clothes

We are proud to have partnered with Oxwash, a sustainable garment cleaning company, to clean our baby clothes.

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We visited the Oxwash London lagoon to see first hand their set up and hear about their ambitious targets to be the first zero emissions laundry facility.

The technology is certainly impressive, with automatic and variable dosing of biodegradable detergent based on the clothing weight and soil level. Intelligent wet clean cycles that correspond with the material and treatment required, and with most cycles running at a dynamic temperature.

Oxwash aims to be the first zero-emissions laundry facility. They use a fleet of electric vehicles and wash at 20 degrees to reduce energy consumption.

Dry cleaning, wet cleaning, laundry – what does it all mean?

Simply put, dry cleaning doesn’t use any water and uses liquid detergents, such as perchloroethylene to clean clothes. Perchloroethylene is banned in some countries and definitely not something we would use on baby clothes.

Wet cleaning, uses minimal water and specialised detergent to safely clean clothing. This is one of the newest innovations in garment cleaning. It is environmentally friendly, prevents shrinking, stretching or fading, and can extend the life of clothing. A great alternative for garments that are normally dry cleaned. Wet cleaning is also a perfect cleaning method for baby rental clothing, to keep them in circulation longer.

Laundry is a traditional cleaning method and uses more water and detergent than wet cleaning. The difference with the Oxwash laundry is that the water and detergent levels use an ambient temperature disinfection platform based on the weight load. The water and detergents are adjusted for an optimal wash and loads can be a little as 3kg. This clever technology makes laundry washing efficient, saving water and preventing surplus detergent use.

What happens when your rented baby clothes are returned

When we receive your rented baby clothes back at Qookeee HQ, we carry out an inspection check. This includes checking every item for wear and tear, damage and stains.

Oxwash collect our baby clothes in one of their electric vehicles and take them to their London lagoon for cleaning.

On arrival, Oxwash inspect our clothes and can get rid of the toughest stains, bacteria and microorganisms by spot-cleaning and an integrated ozone process.

High pressure air and water with a vacuum pump are used to push and pull stains out of fabrics with minimal energy use so all stains are removed before the clothes are cleaned.

How Oxwash clean babywear rental clothing

We love that Oxwash keeps all our baby clothes separate from other customers and depending on the weight of the load the water and detergents are adjusted for greater wash and cleaning efficiency.

Filters shown before and after cleaning, showing how much dirt is removed from used babywear

Using cutting-edge technology, our baby clothes are cleaned using a super gentle, wet cleaning process that emulates delicate hand-washing with mild, hypoallergenic detergents that are suitable for sensitive baby skin.

They even have a microfibre filter which is great for our recycled polyester outerwear, as it prevents those tiny fibres getting into the waterways!

You can be assured that our baby clothes will always be delivered to you clean and fresh.

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